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Boiler Repair in Milwaukee

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Living and working in Wisconsin, it is vastly important that you enjoy indoor comfort all year round. If your home or business is equipped with a boiler, you get to enjoy the cost advantages because steam is light and inexpensive, and it can be used to heat the air in a forced air system, or it can be used to heat the floor in a radiant heating system.

The Milwaukee boiler technicians at Burant Heating & Air Conditioning LLC provide maintenance and repair services on all makes and models, including oil and gas fired boilers and hot water-based systems. Our skilled heating technicians also offer emergency boiler repair services and boiler installation services when outdated systems need to be replaced.

Call (414) 386-3660 to schedule an appointment for boiler repair in Milwaukee. We’re available 24/7 and offer flat-rate pricing!

When to Call for Boiler Repair

Is your boiler failing to produce enough heat, or any heat at all? Have you noticed a strange sound or a wet area where there shouldn't be any water? Boiler problems won't get better on their own, so don't delay in calling for boiler repairs as soon as you notice anything unusual. Our team will respond promptly to your call and come equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to solve the problem.

Here are some common boiler problems to watch out for:

  • Loud rumbling or banging noises, which may be due to mineral buildup from hard water
  • Pilot light and ignition system issues, which may result in a loss of hot water
  • Leaking / dripping boilers, which may signal corrosion in the tank
  • No heat due to a broken thermostat, a faulty pilot light or electric ignition, or a broken pump

The Importance of Boiler Maintenance

Like any appliance or machine, it's important to regularly maintain your boiler to keep it running optimally. Neglecting to service your boiler could significantly shorten its lifespan and increases the chance that you'll experience problems with your heating equipment. We recommend that you have your boiler serviced at least once per year in the fall. During this appointment, one of our experienced Milwaukee boiler repair technicians will thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust your boiler to ensure it's ready to go for another season.

If you need boiler repair or maintenance in Milwaukee, give us a call or contact us online for prompt, friendly service!

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