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Maintenance Plan

HVAC Maintenance Plan

Milwaukee Heating & Cooling Services

Your furnace and air conditioning system are complex pieces of machinery comprised of tiny components, all functioning together to provide you maximum comfort in your home. Just like any other machine, however, they may not operate as efficiently as time passes, resulting in frequent repairs and higher energy bills. It is imperative to schedule routine maintenance to ensure that it is functioning a peak efficiency at all times.

At Burant Heating & Air Conditioning LLC, we are proud to offer a variety of maintenance plans that are customized to each of our customer’s specific needs. With more than 20+ years of experience serving thousands of customers in Milwaukee, our licensed contractors and HVAC specialists possess the extensive knowledge of the functionality of these systems, in order to determine the best solution for your heating and air conditioning issues.

Benefits of choosing our Milwaukee heating and AC team:

  • Flat-rate pricing
  • 24/7 emergency services & no answering service
  • Free estimates
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured team members
  • Amazing part & labor warranties
  • A+ Rating by the BBB

Maintenance Plan Checklists

The following is our thorough checklist for furnace maintenance:

  • Check filter
  • Clean blower compartment
  • Clean burners
  • Clean drain system
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Check temperature rise through furnace
  • Test gas pressure
  • Analyze combustion gases
  • Test for gas leaks near furnace
  • Test for proper blower speed
  • Test blower running amps
  • Check condition of blower motor bearings
  • Test capacitor
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Inspect thermostat
  • Inspect integrity of furnace cabinet
  • Inspect integrity of heat exchanger

The following is our comprehensive checklist for central air maintenance:

  • Check Filter
  • Test compressor amps
  • Test condenser fan amps
  • Check condition of condenser fan bearings
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Clean drain system from evaporator
  • Test super heat/sub-cooling
  • Test compressor capacitor
  • Test condenser fan capacitor
  • Test temperature drop across evaporator coil
  • Test temperature rise across condenser coil
  • Test for proper levels of refrigerant
  • Check for proper cooling fan speed
  • Check electrical connections
  • Inspect integrity of condensing unit

The following is our comprehensive checklist for boiler maintenance:

  • Analyze combustion gases 
  • Check and inspect/clean heat
  • Check Exchanger
  • Clean Burners 
  • Clean Condensation drain and trap
  • Clean Flame sensor
  • Clean Spark ignitor (if applicable)
  • Flush dirt separator 
  • Test Gas pressure
  • Test for gas leaks near boiler
  • Test pump amp draws
  • Test thermocouple (if appliable)
  • Test hot surface ignitor (if applicable)
  • Test hot surface ignitor (if applicable) 
  • Test Water Quality (extra charge)
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Inspect Thermostat
  • Inspect Integrity of boiler jacket
  • Inspect Integrity of heat exchanger
  • Inspect near boiler piping 

Maintenance Plans We Offer

Burant Heating & Air Conditioning LLC offers a 4-tiered (Diamond, Platinum, Silver, and Gold) Maintenance Club Plan for worry-free maintenance. This is the kind of personal and dedicated service you can expect from us, from start to finish.

All Club Member Perks 

  • Maintenance 1x per year on equipment included in club membership 
  • Price Per Unit Guarantee, so long as no lapse in Club Membership 
  • Priority Emergency Service* (emergency/after hours service is an upcharge) 
  • Early Scheduling of Maintenance Appointments
  • Auto Renewal Options - Prevent Contract Lapse!
  • Reminders to Schedule
  • 2 Year Part & Labor warranty on any Burant Heating repairs

Diamond Plan: 

  • One Unit - Yearly $375 or Monthly $31.25 
  • Two Units - Yearly $744 or Monthly $62 

Level Perks: 

  • 10% Discount applied to new equipment installations
  • ZERO ($0.00) charge for service repairs (excludes compressor, condensing coil, evaporator coil & heat exchanger) 
  • Includes after hours/emergency calls!
  • Lifetime Parts & Warranty Labor on Repairs

Platinum Plan: 

  • One Unit - Yearly $285 or Monthly $23.45 
  • Two Units - Yearly $564 or Monthly $47 

Level Perks: 

  • 7% Discount applied to new equipment installations
  • 20% Discount applied to repairs
  • No After Hours Charges (after hours service, regular hours repair price!)
  • Lifetime Part & Labor warranty on any Burant Heating repairs

Gold Plan: 

  • One Unit - Yearly $189 or Monthly $15.75 
  • Two Units - Yearly $375 or Monthly $31.25 

Level Perks: 

  • 5% Discount applied to new equipment installations
  • 15% Discount applied to repairs
  • Regular Diagnostic Fee for any service call (even after hours!)
  • 5 Year Part & Labor warranty on any Burant Heating repairs

Silver Plan: 

  • One Unit - Yearly $150 or Monthly $12.50 
  • Two Units - Yearly $294 or Monthly $24.50

Level Perks: 

  • Standard Club Member Benefits

Club Member Notices

  • Renewal Date is required each year, before the end of the month from initial sign up. (Ex: Contract start date: Lapse of contract results in forfeit of price lock.
  • Memberships are not refunded after service has been provided.
  • Accessory/Add On Pricing subject to change
  • Opening a warehouse (parts not stocked in trucks) after hours is a fee
  • Customer is responsible for scheduling maintenance - refunds not given after attempts to schedule are not returned.

Any Questions? Contact Our Milwaukee HVAC Team Today!

Let us help you resolve your heating or cooling problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. We at Burant Heating & Air Conditioning proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Brookfield, Cudahy, Franklin, Milwaukee, West Allis, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, and all throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Contact us and request a free in-home estimate today! Backed by more than 20 years of experience!

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  • Over 13,000 Customers Served
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  • A+ Rating by the BBB
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    "A class act!"
    A special THANK YOU to Alphonso, who replaced my Armstrong 'Magic Unit's' Heat Exchanger yesterday (8/31/16) HE'S A CLASS ACT! I've put a favorable review on "Angie's List" for you...
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    Great company! The installers were neat, polite, answered all my questions and explained everything. The installation went smoothly and quickly! And I can't even hear my new furnace running! I recommend Burant Heating to everyone!
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    I consider your pricing, communication, installation, and service as excellent, and highly recommend your company to anyone in need of HVAC services. Thank you for providing such professional service.
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