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Milwaukee Heat Pump Installation

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As an increasing number of companies and homeowners make an effort to "go green," it seems like there is always one more way to achieve environmental affability. While it can feel like an impossible task, it doesn't have to be. Installing a heat pump is a simple but effective way to maximize your home's heating needs and minimize cost. Our team is highly trained to evaluate the needs of your home and offer a tangible solution that makes sense.

Regardless of the size or age of your home, Burant Heating & Air Conditioning believes that we can get the job done right. over 13,000 customers in the Milwaukee area have been satisfied with our systems.

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What can a heat pump do for my home?

In years past, homes required two separate systems for their temperature needs – a furnace and an AC unit. A heat pump minimizes the need for multiple systems and instead performs comprehensive duties all on its own. Heat pumps can be used for both heating and AC. These pumps transfer heat into your house from the outside, effectively raising the temperature. In the summer, they work the opposite way by moving heat out. This offers a much more economical solution to what has always been an expensive problem for most homeowners.

We can install the following types of heat pumps:

  • Air-source
  • Geothermal
  • Ductless
  • Mini-split
  • Absorption

Count on Burant Heating & Air Conditioning LLC

Before installing a heat pump, we make it a priority to assess what would service your home most effectively and work off of the knowledge we acquire. Our Milwaukee heating and cooling team has over 19 years of experience. We pride ourselves on working in an efficient manner and always seek to leave your home in better condition than when we arrived.

To learn how a heat pump could benefit your home, call Burant Heating & Air Conditioning or contact us online right away!

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