Is Your AC Really Broken?


Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips

Just because your air conditioner isn't working, it doesn't necessarily mean that your unit is broken. Our team of Milwaukee AC repair specialists has compiled a list the top reasons why your AC unit could not be functioning properly without your unit actually needing a repair.

The Power

It's all too common for people to call about their broken AC during power outages. Check to make sure the rest of your house has power before you make a call for help.

The Air Filter

Air filters need to be changed regularly. Check to see if a dirty filter could be the reason for the lack of airflow in your home. If so, our team can help you install a new one in your unit.

The Batteries

Thermostat display not lighting up? Could just need a fresh pair of batteries. Try replacing them and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn't help, there could be a bigger problem.

The Circuit Breaker

Also called fuse boxes, the circuit breaker to your AC could have been tripped and needs to be reset. It's good to note that if the breaker trips again, it is safer to let a professional handle it.

The Drain Line

The condensation pump or AC drain line could be clogged. Check the pan under the unit. If there is water, dump it and flush out the drain line. That could get your AC going again.

The Safety Switch

It's a possibility to accidentally hit the safety switch on your AC unit. This switch keeps your unit from leaking water and ruining your ceilings and walls. Do not try to bypass the switch though, or else your unit could leak all over your home.

AC still not working? There could be a bigger problem, a major repair that needs to be done, or it could be time for a brand new air conditioner.

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